• Advantages of Wuhu

    Wuhu has strength in abundant Resources and comparative low cost of Productivity Factors. In the 100-km radius around Wuhu, famous steel production base of Ma’anshan, copper smelting & processing base of Tongling, and other various rich mineral reserves propel the development of different types of manufacturing and processing enterprises. The 74-km-long bankline and enough depth of the Yangtze River stretch in Wuhu suitable for building various quays holding over 5,000-ton ships. Wuhu is rich in land reserve of 7500 hectares. Another 800 hectares are in plan with low cost. Besides, workforce here is sufficient and qualified. There are 11 universities and colleges, more than 200 scientific research institutes and 21 vocational schools, which guarantee sustainable supply of qualified talents for all circles. Generally speaking, Wuhu is an ideal-sized city with modest salaries and less floating labors. Pricewaterhousecoopers reveals that the index for the labor cost of industrial added-value per hundred yuan in Wuhu is merely 5, compared to 21.2 on average in China and 18.4 in Shanghai.