Innovation Centre

    Wuhu Innovation Center is a sci-tech service setup approved by Department of Science and Technology of Anhui Province. Located in WEAD, the centre has played a key role in creating favorable environment and bringing in new competitive mechanism to attract holders of sci-tech achievements to start new venture in Wuhu, providing full services, incubating hi-tech start-ups and entrepreneurs, realizing the industrialization of high and new technology achievements and cultivating new economic development of the city. In August 2001, Wuhu Innovation Centre was approved by Ministry of Science and Technology to be National Innovaton Center and in October, Wuhu Software Park was approved by Anhui Provincial Government as a province-level Software Park. In April 2003, Overseas Students Pioneer Park in Wuhu was approved by Anhui Provincial Government and in December, a post-doctoral reserchers centre was approved to be established by State Ministry of Personnel in the pioneer park.

    The Innovation Centre covers an area of 40,000 square metres with its planned floor area of 55,000 square metres. It currently owns a comprehensive service building, an incubation building, a software park, a pioneer park, a multi-functional information service centre and a cafeteria with its 36,000m2 overall space as well. The 200 incubation units in it can accomodate over 100 start-ups. In each unit, internet interfaces have been provided with easy access to 100m broad-band internet and LAN in the centre. And charges for water, electricity and communication are to be calculated according to per unit consumption. Functioning properly and developing rapidly, the centre now lies in the top class in Anhui Province in terms of its scale, function and environment.

    The Innovation Centre has also established a service system which provides one-stop-service for applicants in the whole process of applying for incubating, starting a business, appraising production quality and finally graduating from the incubator. Furthermore, the centre has set up such service sectors as Personnel Exchanging and Training, Legal Consulting, Commercial Information, Finance and Taxation and Production Quality Control, etc. Also, an advanced data transmission structured cabling system has been employed to ensure that each incubation unit has its internet interface. The charges for water and electricity are calculated according to per unit consumption. Besides, a cafeteria has already been built and safty rules has been set. To improve its service and standardize its management procedures, the centre has introduced Management System Certification, mainly implementing ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System Certification and it passed the examination and verification of China Fangyuan Quality Certification Centre in 29 August.

    The state-level innovation centre in Wuhu has successfully attracted and gathered here a constellation of talents with their sci-tech achievements, making it a thriving gathering place for sci-tech start-ups and researchers in this respect. At present, the centre has altogether brought in 205 various incubated enterprises and 107 incubating enterprises as well, among which eleven are started by returned students and forty have graduated. There are total 2813 job opportunities created by all these enterprises with more than 80 percent staff having university or secondary technical school degree or above. In 2007, the incubating enterprises produced RMB 5, 761, 823, 00 yuan in gross value of industrial product and a sales revenue of RMB 5, 383,998,00 yuan, earned 4,218,900 US dollars from export and the profit and tax turnover reached RMB 3,984,9600 yuan. The number of projects having received various funds hitting 8,290,000 yuan adds up to seventy-nine. Among them, four projects are funded by Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Technology Innovation Fund, three by Anhui Provincial Special Funds for Talents and six by Innovation Fund of the centre. The projects also include two key projects of Anhui Science and Technology Department, five projects for industrialization of Anhui Development Planning Commission, forty-eight science and technology key projects of Wuhu Science and Technology Committee and eleven technology innovation projects of Wuhu Economic and Trade Commission. The incubating enterprises have obtained twenty-six patents, of which nine are invention patents and seventeen are utility model patents. Furthermore, seven enterprises have obtained software enterprises certification with seventeen products having software products certification. Besides, another two enterprises have acquired forth class of system integration quality certification and eleven enterprises have obtained high-tech enterprises certification, three of city level and 8 of province level.

    Entrepreneurs all over the world are cordially welcomed to Wuhu Innovation Centre, with your technology achievements, to establish your own hi-tech start-up business here.