•   Main Industry 

    Marked Characteristics, Solid foundation and excellent compatiblity. Years of unremitting efforts have led to the formation of the four pillar industries of auto & spare parts, new-type materials, electronics & electrical appliances,cables. Leading the rapid development of auto & spare parts industry, Chery Automobile has emerged as a national brand with complete independent intellectual property. At present, the company has the production capacity of 950,000 cars, 950,000 engines and 800,000 transmissions per year. Chery achieved the overall sales of 3.3 million cars and export of 600,000 cars. The annual output value of automobiles reached 67.59 billion yuan,an increase of 15.4% over the previous year.The renowned Conch Group, headquartered in Wuhu, has achieved the production capacity of 12,000 ton cement clincker per day.Conch cement dominates Asia and ranks the second in the world and PVC production is no.1 in the globe . The annual output value of material reached 109.23 billion yuan,an increase of 56% over the previous year.Midea and Hitachi, the two giant air-conditioner manufacturers, have the production capacities of 13 million home air-conditioners, for which Wuhu is marked as the second largest household air-conditioner production bases in China. The annual output value of electronics & electrical home appliances reached 50.83 billion yuan,an increase of 68.8% over the previous year.Wuwei county is renowned for cable production. It is the second largest production base in China with an annual output value of 36.43 billion yuan,an increase of 40.6% over the previous year.