• Law services are offered to foreign investors by the following institutions:


    Municipal Justice Bureau     

    Address: No. 58 Huajin Road         Tel:  0553-3852148


    Law Assistance Centers:

    Municipal Law Assistance Center

    Address: No. 58 Huajing Road        Tel: 0553-3878961

    Law Assistance Center in Fanchang County

    Address:  West Yingchun Road        Tel:  0553-7861334

    Law Assistance Center in Wuhu Count

    Address: No. 10 Building, South Huancheng Road, Wanzhi Town      Tel: 0553-8912230

    Law Assistance Center in Nanling Count

    Address: Inside Justice Bureau of Nanling County      Tel: 0553-6833148  6823342


    Law Offices

    Anhui Brother Law Office

    Address: 58 Upper Second Avenue   Tel/Fax:0553-3846345

    Anhui Fangzheng Law Office

    Address:Room302, Unit 3, Building 3, Yalian Store, Upper Second Avenue  


    Anhui Yuhao Law Office

    Address:Floor 3, Unit 3, Building 34, Juzhi’an Community, Upper Second Avenue  

    Tel/Fax:0553-3878250 3877496 3853958

    Anhui Tongren Law Office     Address: 302 Jiuhuashan Road

    Tel:0553-3875201  Fax:0553-3875830

    Anhui Wenhai Law Office

    Address: 54 Jiuhuashan Road   Tel/Fax: 3876819

    Anhui Tiandi Law Office

    Address:166 Jiuhuashan Road, Floor 4,Shengfeng Building

    Tel:0553-3874148   Fax:3879982

    Anhui Zhuoren Law Office

    Address:286 Mid Jiuhua Road  Tel::0553-3867776  Fax:3876233

    Anhui Guoping Law Office

    Address: 316-2 Jiuhuashan Road   Tel:0553-5206193  Fax:3885903

    Anhui Anjiang Law Office

    Address: 1 Changjiang Road    Tel/Fax:0553-3822451

    Anhui Zhenjian Law Office

    Address:39 South Yinhu Road  Tel/Fax:0553-5011590

    Anhui Jingcheng Law Office

    Address:Floor 3,Hualian Store Huilding 2, North  Huancheng Roas

    Tel:0553-3864747  Fax:3847596

    Anhui Weilun Law Office

    Address:Jinding Plaza, Zhonghe Road   Tel/Fax:0553-5656808

    Anhui Pingheng Law Office

    Address:Floor 9, Santai International Building, Hongshan Road

    Tel:0553-3812699  Fax:0553-3814323

    Anhui Mingcheng Law Office

    Address: 1 East Beijing Road    Tel/Fax:0553-3821317

    Anhui Shenlan Law Office

    Address: 2 West beijing Road

    Tel:0553-3884647,3884648,3884649  Fax:0553-3884647-8800

    Anhui Haocheng Law Office

    Address: 53 Beijing Road  Tel/Fax:0553-3843191

    Anhui Jiangsheng Law Office

    Address: Floor 4, Yihe Building, East Beijing Road  Tel/Fax:0553-3119765

    Anhui Shengguo Law Office

    Address:Runxiang Business Center,East Beijing Road

    Tel:0553-3118060  Fax:3121567

    Anhui Anran Law Office

    Address:39 West Zheshan Road  Tel/Fax:0553-2219817

    Anhui Xingwan Law Office

    Address: 76 Mid Zheshan Road  Tel: 0553-3872348  Fax:3847248

    Anhui Zhengbin Law Office

    Address: 37 Jinghu Road  Tel/Fax:0553-3873987

    Anhui Lingyang Law Office

    Address:Limin Road, Jishan Town, Nanling County        Tel/Fax:0553-6816200

    Anhui Chungu Law Office

    Address: Broadcasting Center, Jishan Town, Nanling County  Tel/Fax:0553-6834555

    Anhui Dongfan Law Office

    Address: Yingchun Road, Fanyang Town, Fanchang County  Tel/Fax:0553-7871780

    Anhui Fanyang Law Office

    Address:South Jin’er Road,Fanyang Town, Fanchang County

    Tel:0553-7861190  Fax:0553-7864311

    Anhui Zhenhong Law Office

    Address:Floor 4, Banboo and Wood Company, Wuhu County  Tel/Fax:0553-8811237


    Municipal Notary Office

    Address:No.53, Beijing Road  Tel:0553-3834466 3814404