one state-level engineering laboratory


    five engineering centers of provincial level and above including 2 of state level


    twenty-six corporate technical centers of provincial or state level


    four postdoctoral work stations for scientific research


    eleven universities and colleges


    two hundred scientific research institutes


    twenty-one vocational schools


    Universities and Colleges:

    1. Anhui Normal University(http://www.ahnu.edu.cn/english.php)

    Founded in 1928, Anhui Normal University is not only an institution of higher learning but also one of the earliest universities in the Anhui province. The university has 16 colleges,7 doctorate programs,71 post graduated programs,55 undergraduate programs. So far, there are 35000 students from different countries in the world, more than 2200 workers and staff members, among them are 550 full and associate professors.
        At the moment, the university has three campuses. It has an area of more than 3300 unit (about 230 hectares),construction area of about 7.2million square metres. The library has about 2.47 million of books,1.9 ancient books more than 600 of them are reliable ancient books. It also has domestic and international natural resources and data bank.
        The university pays great attention to both domestic and international academic exchanges .It has cooperative relations with America, Britain, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Vietnam, Korea, Canada etc. It also has friendly relations with Institutions of higher education and organizations in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.
        Anhui Normal University is the first accredited university to accept international students and also one of the first educational base units of teaching Chinese language and culture affiliated to the overseas Chinese affairs office of the state council. Since 1985, the university has being receiving both self sponsored and scholarship students from more than 40 countries. Some come for short term courses, some come for long term courses and some come for advanced studies. The college of international education takes care of recruiting foreign and overseas Chinese students, giving them classes and also the foreign affairs. The university provides foreign students with high education and training. Many students achieve high grades in HSK and also have high standard of Chinese. So far, the university has a lot of courses and also a lot of recruited students. There are students from more than 180 countries who are here to study Chinese and also do some research work. The university is near beautiful scenic spots and also nice places such as Nanjing and Shanghai. Communication and transportation are very convenient which makes life much easier. Anhui Normal University is the university of every foreign students dream.
    2.  Wan’nan Medial College  (http://www1.wnmc.edu.cn/index.asp)

    Wan’nan Medical College, a general institute of higher learning, is situated in Wuhu, an enchanting city open to the outside world along the Yangtze River, which has been renowned for its great harbor and beautiful sceneries. The college grew out of Wuhu Medical Vocational School that was founded in 1958 and merged into Anhui Medical College in 1970, functioned as its branch in South Anhui in 1971.

    The college is among the first list of colleges and universities with authority to award bachelor’s and master’s degrees vested by the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee under the State Council. In 1998, Wan’nan Medial College went successfully through with the evaluations on the undergraduate programs by the Ministry of Education and was entitled as “qualified” by the Ministry. It also got through the evaluation on its undergraduate programs by Anhui education government in 1999, and obtained the appraisal of the provincial teaching labs for basic courses in 2002.

    The college has grown into a medicine-focused and fully accommodated medical institution of higher learning. It now offers 17 undergraduate specialties including clinical medicine, nursing and forensic medicine, and 9 vocational specialties. In postgraduate specialties, there are 15 master’s degree authorized units, covering nearly all the branches of learning in the basic and clinical medicine. There are also 10 experimental centers in the college. 

    The staff members of the college are reasonable-organized, good-qualified and high-leveled. Now the members are over 2100, including more than 120 professors, 310 associate professors and 49 experts who enjoy special subsidies of the government.

    Wan’nan Medical College is expanding steadily the teaching scale and improving gradually the personnel level of training. By the end of August of 2007, the number of full-enrolled students had reached 8672, of which there are 7135 undergraduate students, 438 vocational students and 245 postgraduate students. Employment rate of the graduates ranks higher in the list of the provincial colleges and universities. Since the establishment, the college has provided 21,000 graduates for public health purposes. From 1984 to 1997, the college cooperated with the former People’s Republic of China ministry of geology and mineral resources for 14 years, with the graduates all over the country.

    Wan’nan Medial College has perfected the running conditions and facilities. The college covers an area of 62.4 hectares, with the building areas of 331,900 square meters. On the campus, there are well-equipped teaching facilities such as two major teaching buildings, a modern library, three advanced experimental buildings, dormitory buildings and a students’ activity center. There are also such sports facilities as a multi-functional stadium, football fields, basketball and volleyball playgrounds. What’s more, a computer information network has been completed on the campus.

    Stressing the scientific research of teaching, Wan’nan Medial College has installed much advanced equipment. At present, the college has 7 key courses and 1 exemplary center of basic courses teaching at provincial level. The college also publishes 2 academic journals both at home and abroad The Journal of Wan’nan Medical College and The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics of China.

    The college has 58 teaching hospitals, among which are 8 affiliated hospitals (one under the leadership of the college), 7 clinical hospitals, and 46 hospitals as bases for medical teaching and practice. The affiliated hospital of Yijishan Hospital, established in 1888, is the first hospital of western medicine in Anhui province. It entered into the first list in our country as a First-class of the Third Level Hospital, and has become the center of treatment, teaching, research and disease prevention in South Anhui and the Yangtze River valley in the province.
    3.  Anhui University of Technology and Science (http://www.auts.edu.cn/)

    Anhui University of Technology and Science, located in Wuhu, an open city along the Yangtze River, is a multi-disciplinary higher education institution of science and technology, which is strongly supported and heavily funded by Anhui Provincial Government.

    In the university, there are 11 departments offering 21 postgraduate programs leading to master degrees and 35 undergraduate programs, including 3 programs of provincial significance, which cover the academic fields of science, engineering, arts, management, economics, law, and so on.

    The campus covers an area of more than 1,400 mu. The university, whose teaching facilities value 94.17 million Yuan, has a student population of 13,229. The university library maintains a collection of more than1,378,000 books.      

    The university also publishes its own academic research journals and campus newspaper. Over the years, the university and its faculty, numbering 1,150, have had a major impact on the province’s engineering science. Among them, there are about 250 with a senior technical title equivalent to a professor or an associate professor. In recent years, there are over 50 members of its teaching staff winning prizes of all kinds, such as “Famous Teachers”, “Cross-century Discipline Leading Personnel of Anhui Province”, “Excellent Talents”, “The Leading Midaged or Youth of Anhui Higher Education Institutions”, and so on.

    The university aims at cultivating students’ all-rounded development, fine traits of honesty and pragmatism, with profound knowledge, excellent practical competence and creativity. Therefore our students will be made qualified personnel of the advanced level. In these years, the students of the university have successively won the highest prizes in various national competitions, and its graduates have been appraised highly by their employers because they have the abilities to innovate and to put their knowledge into practical uses. For years, its students’ employment rate amounts to 92.5%, which ranks in the first group of all the higher education institutions under auspices of Anhui Provincial Education Department.

    In recent years, the staff of the university has published about 4,000 academic articles in some influential learned periodicals home or abroad, more than 100 of which are selected by the 3 most key index system-SCI, EI and ISTP. There are over 40 projects of national level, over 300 ones of provincial level which are being undertaken by its faculty, who ever 100 scientific or technical prizes, 40 of which are of over provincial level.
    4.Wuhu Institute of Technology (http://www.whptu.ah.cn/site/home/) 

    Founded in 1983, Wuhu Institute of Technology (originally Wuhu Union University) was authorized by the Ministry of Education to have its present name in May, 1997. In August, 2000, century-old Wuhu Agriculture School was merged into the college. The institute was designated as one of thirty-one model vocational and technical colleges by the Ministry of Education in 2001, one of the first national batch of institutes in National Model Construction Project for Higher Vocational Education in 2006 and has established its status successively by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Construction, and the Ministry of Labor as educational and training base for the shortage of skilled human force in digital control technology, automobile application technology as well as construction industry. Now, it is one of the first national experimental institutes to implement the System of Professional Qualification Certificate. It was ratified also by the Education Department of Anhui Province as the base for the project of Double-fold Quality of Teachers in Higher Vocational Institutes and the experimental institutes for Work-Study Program. It was selected as the Wuhu agriculture continuing education base, Wuhu vocational skills training base for enterprise’s employees, computer skills training base, and the base of training technical talents for Kunshan, Danyang, Zhangjiagang. It offers joint education cooperated with Chery Automobile Co. Ltd. and Anhui Xinlong Electric Company, Ltd.

     The institute has ten departments including Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Foreign Languages, Department of Electrical Engineering, Department of Construction Engineering, Department of Light Chemical Engineering, Department of Information Engineering, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Department of Economic Management, Department of Horticultural Technique, Department of International Economics & Trade and other four educational extensions of Physical Education, Fundamental Courses, Adult Education, and Evening College. The institute owns south campus and north campus with 11,000 full-time students, more than 1300 mu of land with a total floor space of 200,000 square meters.< It has set up 11 practice and training centers for Mechanical Engineering, Digital Control Technology, Computer & Network Technology, Electrical technology, Automobile Application Technology, Construction Engineering, Chemical Technology, Biomedical Technology, Economic Management, Horticultural Technique, Construction Technology and Art Decoration. Since 1996, it has established more than 100 practice and training centers and employment base in Wuhu Economic and Technological Development Zone, Economic Parks, industrial Parks as well as in Jiangsu Province, Shanghai, Guangdong province and even Singapore, among which the jointly-established practice and training base for Automobile majors with Chery Automobile Co. Ltd. obtained key support from the Ministry of Education.

    5.  Anhui Business College of Vocational Technology (http://www.abc.edu.cn/)

    Approved by Anhui Provincial Government in 2000, Anhui Business College of Vocational Technology was established on the basis of merging the Century-old Anhui Business School and Anhui Workers Commercial College. It is a full-time higher vocational college under the jurisdiction of the Education Department of Anhui Province.

    With a construction floor space of 140,000 square kilometers, the beautiful garden-style campus covers more than 560mu including the new campus in Wuhu Higher Education Zone which occupies 506mu. It has a complete set of teaching facilities and equipment. With a total enrollment of over 8,760 full-time students on campus, the college consists of eight departments, namely Department of Economics & Management, Department of Accounting & Finance, Department of Business Administration, Department Of Computer Science, Department of Foreign Languages, Department Art & Design, Department of Fundamental Courses and Department of Political Science & Law, and 26 specialties, namely Marketing, International Trade, Tourism Management, Electronic Commerce, Modern Logistics Management, Accounting Computerization, Asset Evaluation, Tax Agency, Insurance, Investment & Financing, Electronic Information Technology, Computer Information Management, Digital Media Design, Computer Application & Maintenance, Computer Application & Network Maintenance, Business English, Business Secretary, Public Relations in Secretarial Learning, Civil & Commercial Law, Law of Economics, Computer Art & Design, and Environmental Art Design, of which Marketing has been granted by the Ministry of Education as the experimental specialty in the teaching reform of state-level advanced vocational and technical education, Accounting & Electronic Commerce by the Education Department of Anhui Province as the experimental specialty in the teaching reform of state-level advanced vocational and technical education, Tourism Management as the Top Quality Specialty of high vocational and professional colleges. With distinctive features in running the college and the orientation of high-level education, the graduates are welcomed in the job market. The employment rate of the graduates of Electronic Commerce, Marketing, Computer Application & Maintenance, Accounting Computerization, Asset Evaluation, and Business Secretary is more than 90%.
    6.  Anhui College of Chinese Traditional Medicine(http://www.ahzyygz.com/)
    7. Wuhu Vocational College of Information Technology(http://whjy.ahedu.gov.cn/)
    8. Wuhu Radio & TV University(http://www.whtvu.com/)