1、Hua Yi International Shopping Center

    Hua Yi International Shopping Center opened on December 30, 2001. Located on Zhongshan Road Walking Street, covering a business area over 10,000 square meters, equipped with advanced facilities and stable MIS/POS system, this department store has become the biggest chain store of the brand.

    Wuhu Huayi International Shopping Center is a large-sized retail enterprise occupying the most thriving part of Zhongshan Road Commercial Walking Street. The enterprise takes up a total area of 29,000 sqm— one 3-storey business area which takes up 20,000 square meters and four 5- storey gardern style office center. With elegant interior decoration, advanced business facilities and earnest service attitude, this shopping mall stands out among its peers.

    Telephone number: 0553-3837018

    Fax number: 0553-3816677

    Address: 16 Zhongshan road Commercial Walking Street, Wuhu

    2、Wuhu Xinbai Department Store

    Wuhu Xinbai Department Store stands in the prosperous Zhongshan Road shopping center, near the junction of Yangtse River and Qingyi River, overlooking Mirror lake, Zheshan Hill and Jiuzi square. The total business area, including the south and north buildings, with a 33-storey main building of 113 meters high, a 6-storey skirt building and 2 storeys underground, takes up 34,000 sqm. The total investment amounts to 0.33 bilion RMB.

    At presnt, this store is a retail establishment of 11 departments,  one 3-storey of the north bilding and one 4-storey of the south building, which specializes in selling a wide range of products including watches, jeweleries, daily necessities, appliances, electronics, apparel, communication equipments, toys and sporting goods.

    Telephone number: 3858988

    Fax number:3845156

    Address: No.1 Zhongshan road, Wuhu

    3、Global Era Plaza

    Qiaohong International Shopping Center stands in the prosperous zone of the city, near  Zhongshan Road Commercial Walking Street, with reputed Phenix Food Street and Wal-mart Supercenter in the neighborhood. Its total construction area of 190,000 sqm has been well designed into a multi-functional business mechanism including shopping mall, office center, hotel and luxury residential building.

    The shopping center, a business building with an area of 120,000 sqm and a height of 120 m, embodies a five-star hotel with 380 rooms, a shopping mall with an area of 34,000 sqm and a boutique office center, equipped with restaurants, Chinese and western style, gyms and entertainment clubs. Qiaohong International Shopping Center, allied with Wal-mart Supercenter, Phenix Food Street, is making a new business center in this city. 

    Floor Guide for shopping:

    B1 Daily Necessities Section

    Home products, bedings, mobile phones, home appliances, alcohol and cigaretts, tea, health care pharmacy, children’s clothes, toys

    1F International Brand-name Section

    International brand-name quality goods, cosmetics, watches, women’s shoes and bags, jeweleries.

    2F Starlight Fashion Section

    Quality women’s clothing, women’s career clothing, fashion accessories, women’s bags, wool and cashmere clothing, Yoga gym

    3F Trendy Clothing Section

    Casual clothers for women, trendy underwares, jeans, Theme restaurants

    4F Men’Wear Section

    Qaulity men’s clothing, men’s business suits and shirts, casual clothes for men, men’s shoes and leather goods, accessories

    5F Gym, Out door sports club

    Tel: 3889998

    Fax: 3889989

    Add: 77, Zhongshan North Road, Wuhu

    4、Suning Appliance Co. Ltd, Wuhu Branch

    Add: Zhongshan Road commercial Pedestrian Street, Wuhu

    Tel: customer service hotline: 0553-3886565

     Administration office: 0553-3886585

     Group purchasing department: 0553-3886239