1、Wal-mart Supercenter

    In China, the first Wal-mart Supercenter opened in Luohu District, Shenzhen in 1996. Now Wal-Mart has 81 Supercenters in China.

    Wal-Mart operates on an Every Day Low Prices philosophy and maintains low-price structure through aggressive buying and smart distribution. Savings are passed on to customers through lower shelf prices on high-quality goods every day. Wal-Mart"s rules of customer service also govern Supercenters. In a Wal-Mart Supercenter the customer is always number one. To ensure that shoppers needs are met, Wal-Mart Supercenter associates are dedicated to provide its renowned aggressive hospitality.

    Tel: (0553)5991608  5991618

    Add: Intersection between Zhongshan North Road and Yinhu South Road, Wuhu
    2、Century Mart
    Century Mart Development Co. Ltd, opening in Wuhu in 2002, is one of the biggest supermarket enterprises in this city.The reasons for its fast development and growing popularity lie in its advantaged location-- Zhongshan Road Commercial Walking Street, its distinctively bright and clean interior decoration, its diversified shelf articles and its free shopping bus. The company always aims at the market, strenghens its management, elevats its image, which contribute to its brand strategy.
    Tel: 3816761
    Add: Santai International Mansion, Zhongshan Road commercial Walking Street, Wuhu
    3、Auchan Supermarket

    The 26th Auchan in China (the first in Anhui province), with a sales area of 9300 sqm and a shopping mall of 51 shops, opened in Wuhu on October 18, 2008. Auchan Corporation was born a family enterprise in France in 1961 which enjoys reputed enterprise culture.

    Tel: 5696699

    Add: Tianmenshan Road, Wuhu