A. Introduction to Wuhu cuisines

    Wuhu has long been renowned for its cuisines. Among the three local delicacies, namely Dao fish, Shi fish and crab, with the gradual distinction of the first two fishes, the crab, the soft-shelled turtle and the shrimp are still plenty in productuion. They are famous for different cooking tastes and what impresses people most is the traditional crab spawn dumplings and shimp roe noodles.

    Crab spawn dumplings are characteriszed with thin wrapper, thick soup, plenty and tender meat, yellow oil and delicious flaour. After steaming, it is half transparent. While eating, make a little bite on the wrapper, sip the soup, dip it into the veniger mixed with shredded ginger, and you will find it fabulously dilicious. Gengfuxing, a local restaurant with a histotory of 90 years, is well-known for its shimp roe noodles which, boiled and put into a bowl, are poured with shimp roe, lard, chopped scallion pieces and soy sauce. They are not to be missed by visitors to Wuhu.

    The duck in Wuhu is distinctively featured with its diliciousness and various cooking methods, such as dried salted duck, “lute” duck and “butterfly” duck.

    In Wuhu, breakfast has a large variety, including steamed bun stuffed with juicy pork, hundun, and steamed black rice. The most special one is baked flacky cake coated with seseme seeds produced by Gengfuxing. It is well baked after making wrapper, flacky skin, and stuffing.

    The best choices of Wuhu snacks are lotus root gruel, adsuki bean paste, glutinous rice dumplings in fermented rice wine and freshwater snails with five spicies.

    Local cuisines are of typical flavors along the Changjiang River, pleasing both eye and Palate, specialized in aquatic products and poultry cooking and famous for chopping skills and the flavor blending with sugar. The most well-known local restaurants are Gengfuxing, Tongqinglou, sijichun and Mayixing, which have been moved in the Phoenix Food Street, where they coexist with restaurants of Canton flavor, Anhui flavor, Sichuan flavor and Hunan flavor. Canton flavor is composed of cuisines in Guangzhou, Chaozhou and Dongjiang. The specialty of Anhui flavor consists in the adoption of fresh materials, such as mushrooms, bean products, potherbs, fish and poultry, and the utilization of cooking methods as braising and strewing. Sichuan flavor is presented in Lazicun Restaurant, which serves various flavors, namely sweet and sour, garlic sauce, garlic spread, spicy hot, ginger, broad bean, and soy sauce. The specials offered in Lazicun Restaurant are fish and duck blood. Maojia Restaurant, decorated in traditional style, serves typical cuisines in Hunan flavor, including Red-sauced Pork, Steamed Fish Head with Diced Hot Red Peppers, and Stewed Fish with Tofu. In addition, there are the folk dishes as Shepherd’s Purse Balls and Steamed Dried Bean Curd Sheets with Beacon.

    B. Restaurant

    Hanjueyangming Grand Hotel  Address: 2 North Yinhu Road

                                Tel: 0553-5888777,5888999

    Xiangyang Fish Restaurant  Address: 1 Yuexiu Road, Wuhu Economical Development Zone

                                Tel: 0553-5659999

    The Conch International Hotel  Address: 209 East Beijing Road

                                      Tel: 0553-3118188

    Tieshan Hotel    Address: 3 Gengxing Road

                     Tel: 0553-3718817,3718999

    Wuhu Guoxing Hotel  Address: 17 Pujiang Road, Wuhu Economical Development Zone

                             Tel: 0553-5844888-103

    Garden Anyu Hotel       Address: 12 Jinghu Road

                             Tel: 0553-3820777

    Gengfuxing Restraurant   Address: Phoenix Cuisine Street

                             Tel: 0553-3845577

    Phoenix Food Street Restaurant  Address: 12 Phoenix Cuisine Street

                                Tel: 13605531059

    Xianheng Reastaurant        Address: B-04 Phoenix Cuisine Street

                                Tel: 0553-3889797

    Purple Grape Haiyue Restaurant   Address: 13 Phoenix Cuisine Street

                                     Tel: 0553-3852788、3857288

    Bajiangjun Hot Pot Restaurant  Address: Phoenix Cuisine Street

    Sijichun Restaurant            Address: Phoenix Cuisine Street


    Sichuan Jowl Hot Pot Restaurant Address: Phoenix Cuisine Street

                                   Tel: 0553-3883708

    Alton Hotel   Address: 10 East Beijing Road

                  Tel: 0553-3837978

    Xiangyuqing Restaurant    Address: 5 Qingshan Street, Xinwu Road

                              Tel: 0553-3850588,3870788

    Xiyade Hotelt         Address: 148 North Zhongshan Road

                              Tel:  3868118-177

    Luhecun Teahouse          Address: 1 Jiuhua Square, Jiuhuashan Road

                              Tel: 0553-3837777

    Xinyinhe Hotel       Address:101 Mid Jiuhua Road

                         Tel: 0553-5205777

    Jinsi Seafood Restaurant     Address: 38 West Huangshan Road

                                 Tel: 0553-3853777,3853999

    Zhongyuan Restaurant   Address: 50 East Beijing Road

                         Tel: 0553-3112188

    Shiyun Restaurant       Address: 39 South Yinhu Road

                          Tel: 0553-5018178, 5017899

    Yaozhichuan Japanese Food Court  Address: Floor 5, Ronghuizhongjiang Square, Zhonghe Road

                               Tel: 0553-3889997

    Meishishang Food Court (Collection of snacks) Address: Floor 4, Jiangxinmao Square (Wal-Mart)

    Granny Beef Noodles            Address: Shuangtong Lane

    KFC (Zhongshan Road Sub-branch)     Address: Zhongshan Road (7-12 Yuehai Building)

                                       Tel: 0553-3861157

    KFC (Mirror Lake Sub-branch)     Address: Century Market, Zhongshan Pedestrianized Shopping Street

                                   Tel: 0553-3838977

    McDonalds (Zhongshan Road Sub-branch) Address: South Wingof Shangzhidu Shopping Mall, Zhongshan Pedestrianized Shopping Street

                                    Tel: 0553-3837121

    McDonalds (Zhonghe Road Sub-branch)   Address: Ronghuizhongjiang Square, Zhonghe Road

                                        Tel: 0553-3886343