•   Epidemic Prevention

    The station was founded in June, 2004 as a technical support section for the sanitation and anti-epidemic effort in this municipality under the guidance of the municipal government and Sanitation Administrative Bureau, and a professional municipal organization of disease prevention, control, research and service. It has a staff of 114 persons working in 19 technical offices and four adminstrative offices.

    TEL: 24-hour Hotline: 0553-3856285

    Free HIV Tests: 0553-3844500

    Report of Public Health Emergencies: 0553-12320

    Outpatient Clinics for Rabies: 0553-3855194

    Outpatient Clinics for Tuberculosis: 0553-3849944

    Outpatient Clinics for Venereal Diseases: 0553-3842707

    Disinfection Service: 0553-3853448

    Indoor Environmental Pollution Test: 0553-3840271

    Planned Immunity Service: 0553-3843698