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    Until the end of 2007, there are 265 hygienic institutions except clinics, including 133 hospitals and commune hospitals, 9 disease control centers, 9 care centers for maternity and children, 10 community medical service centers and 65 medical service stations. There are 8,312 beds in all and 7,689 of them are in hospitals and community hospitals with 9,325 medical workers including 3,632 qualified practitioners, assistant physicians and 3,396 registered nurses. No.2 People’s Hospital and the Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine are listed among 3A level ones.


    1、Wannan Medicine Academy-Yijishan Hospital


    Wannan Medicine Academy-Yijishan Hospital is located in Yijishan scenic spot,Wuhu City,Anhui Province.It was originated by American Christian church in 1888,so far 116 years have passed by .Wushaoqing、Shenkefei、Chencuizhen,famous medicine experts in Anhui,held important posts in our hospital.It’s chosen as tertiary first-rate hospital、countrywide baby-love hospital、state clinic medicine research base、Anhui medicine clinic appraisal centre、provincial gardens unit.It’s also medical treatment、teaching、scientific research、preventive centre in Anhui Wannan、 Wanjiang. 

    Covering the area of 15 hectare ,building area of 120,000 sq.m,our hospital has 844 sickbeds,34 clinic technical offices,20 medicine technical offices,1200 staffs,including 280 qualified chief and vice doctors(chief and vice professors),373 staffs of medium titles,16 Dr and reading Dr,70 postgraduates.    

    We can launch very difficult & multiple operations on ecto-circulation、endocardiac sense、heart examination and cure, have rich experience on wound、dying-patient rescue、difficult & complicated cases,make all-around treatment on malignant tumour,including operation、chemotherapy、radiotherapy、immunotherapy、therapy of combining traditional Chinese and Western medicine,which acquire evident effects,forming ourselves characteristic.Our hospital undertakes 40 research subjects,obtains 20 awards,publishes 40 books,and annually publishes 300 theses.We possess 4 offics of confering on master’s degree,10,000 class hours of giving lessons every year.Successively more than 130 experts went abroad to participate in international academic conference and foreign-aid medical team.

    Hospital has 300 diagnose & therapeutic apparatuses,such as magnetic resonance, linear accelerator, X knife, simulation machine, breech-loading machine, ECT, DSA, large-scale high-pressure oxygen cabin , colored supersound diagnose apparatus, Siemens’ laminated spiral CT, standard molecule laser therapeutic apparatus, automatic biochemical analysis instrument, artificial haemodialysis, dynamic electrocardiogram, electronic gastroscope , celioscope, jointscope , peritoneoscope, sub-paranasalsinus scope, prostate electric-cut scope,CCU,ICU,etc,which provides better condition for clinic teaching and medical research.

    We were awarded the honorary titles:Countrywide Sanitary Advanced Group、Provincial Civilization Unit、Provincal Top Ten Hospital.19 staffs gained “5·1” labour medals、advanced workers、provincial labour models,26 staffs obtained provincial & state government allowance.  

    We have optimal location of therapy and recovery:green land of 5000 sq.m,beautiful scenery,around flowers and trees,mountain and river setting each other off,18 famous old trees protected by Wuhu Government,52% of reforestation rate,bright & neat ward,equipted with central air conditioning and ventilator wholely.Modern green hospital takes on,full of culture atmosphere,all the year round green everywhere.

    Our hospital renews principles endlessly,extending “centre on patient” to “centre on person”.We elaborate talent、equipment、technology superiority,deepen medical care serivce into healthy and sub-healthy crowd,create “human-care project” with humanity service.In summer-autumn,2002,we developed treat-patient-free activity:on “Army Day”、“Teacher Day” and “National Day”,the patient may be free of registration fee,derate 10% of medicines’fee.In Aug.2002,we established health school for citizens:every month a famous expert makes lectures on popular science,for free of surveying blood sugar and blood pressure on the spot,at the same time,students may gain free membership certificate of healthy school and enjoy more preferential treatment.We also handle healthy card for over-70-year elders,which we make spend happy days on our hospital when they feel sick.At present hospital sets up “health guide certre”,adopts “natural therapy”- not to use medicines and make wound examination,which embodies “green science” to be applied on medical science,and pushes characteristic culture of human-care hospital.

    Add: No. 2 of Zheshan Road West, Wuhu

    Fax: 0553-5738279

    2、Wuhu Second People’s Hospital

    Wuhu Second People’s Hospital,founded in 1953, is located beside the Mirror Lake and occupies an area of 66 thousand sq.m. It has a capacity of 1280 beds in plan among which 900 are already open, and a facuty of 1300 members, including 135 with senior professional titles, 38 with doctor’s and mater’s degree, 33 professors and associate professors. Now it is a Class-3 Grade-A comprehensive hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching and research, disease prevention and rehabilitation.

    The hospital is furnished with imported modern larege-scale medical equipments and has aquired medical technology that is advanced in the city and in Anhui Province.

    Based on the high quality of human resources and development of science and technology, following the principle of promoting the characteristics of the hospital, sections and the staff, it has set up a number of specialized and featured departments and medical staff. Anesthesia Department and Orthopedic Surgery Departmemt are set as the key subjects of clinical medcine at provincial level, Urology Department and Cardiovascular Medical Department as the key subjects at the municipal level, and Hepatology Surgery and Thoracic Surgery the subjects municipallly –supported. The hospital has achieved 78 national, provincial, and municipal scientific research awards.  

    Address: 263 Mid-Jiuhua Road , Wuhu

    Fax: 0553-3832545

    Tel: Daytime(8:00-11:30 14:00-17:30): 0553-3909339

    Night: 0553-3909019


    3、Wuhu First People’s Hospital

    Wuhu First People’s Hospital, a Class-2 Grade-A comprehensive hospital, has been confered many honorary titles by municipal and provincial governments for its excellent service and reliablity. It is honored as one of the “baby-friendly ” hospitals in China and one of the most reliable hospitals in Wuhu.

    Located at No. 65 North Jihe Road near the Yangtze River, the hospital was founded in 1939 with the original name Wuhu Hospital, and in 1953 it was renamed  Wuhu Firtst People’s Hospital.Up to 2007, it has developed into a a Class-2 Grade-A comprehensive hospital with an area of 20.16 thousand sq.m, 420 beds,more than 30 clinical departments, 20 assistant departments, and a faculty of over 580 menbers among whom over 60 have advanced professional title and 150 middle-rank professonal title.

    The hospital will insist on the patient-oriented service policy and emphasize the improvement of medical treatment, service manner and service facility. It has imported advanced medical equipments and won a number of provincial and manicipal scientific research awards in recent years.


    Address: No.65 North Jihe Road

    Tel: 0553-3819999 (8:00-17:30)

    Tel of Community Health Service Center: 0553-3854333

    Website: www.whdfph.cn

    Bus: No. 2、No.12、No.13、No.18、No.23、No.34 Buses