Precedures of changing foreign driving license into Chinese driving license:

    Having the translation notarized at the municipal notary office→ taking digital photos→taking a physical examination→check ID card (passport and residence card)  and original copy and photocopy of overseas driving licence→ paying the charege→making reservation for examination (Subject 1, and Subject 3 if applying for the driving license of automotive type A1,A2,B1,B2 )→taking the examination on  the appointed date→ collecting the file if the qualification is approved→confirmation→verification→license making

    To those who pocess an admitted international driving license, or the one in foreign countries or in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan:

    The subjects to be tested are Subject 1 and Subject 3( Those with three years of driving experiece are exempted from examination ).

    The procedures to be taken:

    Application for the verification→Subjects→Traffic regulation test→Road test→Obtaining of driving licence

    1. Required documents to be offered when applying for the verification:

    ①Completed applcation form

    ②Original copy and photocopy of passport

    ③Original copy and photocopy of residence card (To apply for a driving licence, the duration of residence card must be over one year, and for a temporary driving license, from three months to one year.)

    ④An admitted international driving license, or the one in foreign countries or in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan

    ⑤3 photographs (color, without hat)

    Passing the verification and medical examination, you can get the admission card for examination and make reservation for the test of Subject 1.

    2. Please bring the admission card for examination, valid ID card and the receipt of the charge for Subject 3, and take the road test at the oppointed time. If passing the test, you will be informed to get the license.


    1. The application must be made by applicants personally.

    2. Z is added to represent the automotive type of automatic transmission small passenger cars.

    3. People with disability of the left leg are given the permission to apply for the driving license of automatic transmission small and mini passenger cars.

    4. People under 70 years old can apply for the driving license of small cars. People over 70 will attend the annual certification and take physical examination, and will be allowed to drive if capable.

    5. The color photographs required include at least one in size 1” to fit in driving license, with the rest in size 2”. Applicants are recommended to take photographs at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

    6. The license in foreign countries or international license should be translated into Chinese and stamped by the department in charge of foreign affairs or the department of exit and entry management. In case the applicants know no Chinese, the examination paper of Subject 1 should be translated or the applicants shall bring with them translators.

    Registration of motor vehicles

    When applying for the registration of motor vehicles, the applicants should fill the Application Form of Registration and Transfer-in of Motor Vehicles and submit the certificate, legal document and the motor vehicle.

    Within five working days after accepting the application, the vehicle management station shall verify the type, manufacturer, brand, model, identification number (number of frame), engine number, body color of the motor vehicle and relevant technical data of the vehicle, and examine the materials and vehicle according to “Working Norm of Motor Vehicle Registration” and determine registration number of vehicle, create files, issue number plate, drive certificate and registration certificate.