Economic development of Wuhu in the first three quarters

    The GDP growth rate of Wuhu was 8.7%, which was 0.4 percentage points higher than the provincial average. The economy of Wuhu maintained a good momentum. The structural adjustment was deepened.

    Wuhu GDP reached 220.352 billion yuan. The added value of primary industry reached 7.562 billion yuan, up 3.4%; the added value of secondary industry achieved 126.703 billion yuan, up 8.5%; the added value of tertiary industry completed 86.087 billion yuan, up 9.6%.

    The industry was still the dominant force in Wuhu economy, especially to pillar industries. Wuhu achieved industrial added value at 116.872 billion yuan, up 8.8%.

    The strategic emerging industries performed well. 43.889 billion yuan was contributed by new energy vehicle industry, robot industry, modern agricultural machinery industry and general aviation industry, up 18.7%.


    Translated by Li Jiaxin