Almost One Million Tourists Visit Wuhu during Spring Festival

  • SourceAHFAO


    According to Wuhu Tourism Administration, 984,300 people visited “Joyful Wuhu” during the Spring Festival, and the tourism revenue of the city totaled 1,198 million yuan, increased by1.26%.


    Statistics show that 78,000 people visited Fanta Theme Parks in Wuhu and the ticket proceeds reached 9,452,000 yuan, an increase of 0.4%.


    Tourists were really fond of the Spring Festival Temple Fair and its related activities in theFanta resort, particularly the New Year Blessing arranged there.


    The performances in the Ocean Theater of the Macrolink Beluga Ocean Park by lovely seaanimals in an astonishing setting with a 360-degree circular seating facility brought people a unique and wonderful experience.


    The 3rd Lantern Show at the Macrolink Jiuzi Ancient Town offered visitors a colorful and fantastic visual feast.


    Mt. Maren Scenic Area was quite favored by tourists during the holiday period. The Flower Sea and Stone Forest of Mt. Yashan Scenic Area became more than beautiful, and the RuralWorld Scenic Area in Dapu Township was exceptionally prominent with a special spring festival atmosphere, making tourists indulge in them completely.


    The tourism in rural area was also bustling with various activities. The folk customs celebrating the Minor Spring Festival in Aili Village of Nanling County was recorded and shown on CCTV again — the third time in succession, actually. Grinding water-soaked bean, papercutting for window decoration, and making rice cake attracted many tourists to have a try.


    Spring Festival commodity fairs were held in the Ancient Xihe Town of Wuhu County and Pingpu Town of Fanchang County. All the rooms of the family hotels in Xijiuhua’s “China in the Mountains” were fully booked. With various local entertainments, people were happy with excitement for the Chinese Lunar New Year.