The 8th China (Wuhu) Popular Science Products Expo Concludes

  • Source: Wuhu FAO


    The 8th China (Wuhu) Popular Science Products Expo concluded in Wuhu on April 22. According to incomplete statistics, 443 exhibitors including 39 from abroad participated in the fair, bringing more than 5,600 products on display. The turnover hit 1.06 billion yuan, and visitors totaled 160,000.


    Since the first edition in 2004, the expo has been successively held in Wuhu every two years, attracting nearly 2,700 domestic and foreign exhibitors with over 35,000 popular science products. The accumulated turnover has reached 4 billion yuan and visitors are nearly 1.7 million.


    At the award ceremony held on the morning of April 22, the panel selected 21 gold prizes, 30 silver prizes and 37 bronze prizes for the exhibits after rounds of evaluations by experts and scholars from prestigious units like the China Association of Natural Science Museums. The award-winning products represent the state-of-the-art popularization of scientific development in China. It is learned that a total of 208 products from 80 exhibitors were submitted to the panel.


    The expo features in three aspects:


    Firstly, the integration of innovation and popularization is getting closer. In addition to maintaining the traditional function of displaying scientific products, this year"s edition also showcased the state-of-the-art innovations in artificial intelligence, quantum communication, new energy, new materials, general aviation, equipment manufacturing, industrial Internet, and sharing economy.


    Meanwhile, the expo arranged application scenarios to popularize scientific knowledge, and set up a platform to showcase popular science resources and the latest sci-tech achievements in China and beyond. In this way, the organizer could further explore the working mechanism for the integration of innovation and education.


    Secondly, more companies take part in the expo and the event goes internationally. This year, 309 science popularization enterprises participated in the expo, accounting for about 60 percent of China’s existing related enterprises, a great increase than ever. In addition, 39 exhibitors from Asia, Europe, North America and other countries and regions participated this year.


    Thirdly, a growing social recognition for the expo is being formed. At this year’s expo , 68 universities, a dozen of research institutes and a group of national societies have brought their achievements of complete design engineering, such as China University of Science and Technology, Zhejiang University, Harbin Institute of Technology, CAS Hefei Institute of Physical Science, Guangzhou Ocean Exploration Bureau and Chinese Physical Society, China Institute of Communications, China Nutrition Society


    More than 10,000 professionals from science museums, educational sector, smart equipment manufacturers and science associations from all over the country attended the expo for symposium or business.


    During this year"s expo fair, lectures by academicians, popular science industry development forum, forum on robot, production-demand twinning conference, forum on youth science education development, bionic robot competition for primary and middle school students across the Straits, outstanding popular Science products award and robotics products award ceremonies were held, which is believed good for social benefit.