Zoomline at World Manufacturing Convention with Smart Farming Machines
  • Source: Wuhu Daily


    Zoomlion, a famous agricultural machinery manufacturer in China, will bring its newly developed farming machines to the World Manufacturing Convention and showcase its technical innovation in agricultural machinery.


    "We will show at the convention portfolios.  A precision seeder, specifically a model of 2BQF-12, is able to seed 12 rows at one time on non-tilled farms. PL2604 is a high-powered tractor. (twelve lines) 3WP-600HA is a self-propelled plant sprayer,” a senior executive told the press.


    The high-end, strong horsepower tractor PL2604 is a result of the joint efforts of the R&D teams from China and the U.S.A. It embodies the application of intelligent control strategy, the platform for simulation design and analysis, and VR (virtual reality) laboratory. It is a breakthrough in the design and manufacturing of tractors. “The exhibits are not only a demonstration of the outcomes of the innovation-driven development of enterprises, but also a representation of the advancement of modern agricultural machinery in China.”


    Founded on June 8, 2011, Zoomlion Heavy Machinery Co. Ltd, affiliated to Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd is dedicated to farming machine business. With the headquarter in Wuhu, the company owns five manufacturing bases respectively in Anhui, Henan, Jilin, Zhejiang, and Hunan provinces, covering farm businesses all over China.


    In terms of technology development, the company has applied for 1,560 patents, including 264 invention patents. Moreover, it has won more than 80 prizes at home and abroad, and is honored with a national title for its intellectual property rights.