Wuhu’s First Advanced Semiconductor Production Line to Open
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    As one of the leading projects of emerging industry in Anhui province, Wuhu Terahertz Engineering Center, jointly invested by Tus Material Group (TMG) and Wuhu City, has gone smoothly since its launch in October 2016. As of now, 200 million yuan of investment has been fully funded on the drawing board. The center has been listed as a provincial engineering one by Anhui provincial government and the application for national engineering center is under way.


    TMG, affiliated to Tsinghua University, has progressed the project in perfecting infrastructure, building professional work teams, making in-advance research of knowhow, preparing for the engineered products, and constructing supporting facilities inthe industrial park.


    According to the plan, 900 million yuan will be invested in building production lines of epitaxial wafer, tube core, encapsulation and testing for 4 to 6-inch advanced semiconductors. “If everything is in place, the first pilot scale production line will be formally put into service within the year of 2018.”


    The total investment of the Center reaches 1.45 billion yuan. The project plans to use 109 mu (1mu666 square meters) of land in two phases. The center will focus on developing the advanced semiconductor chips that are urgently needed in the industries of f5G telecommunications, new energy, and big data. Moreover, it will specialize in setting up a public R&D platform for integrated production of chips, devices, and modules.


    The local administration and T MG will work closely to build an innovation and entrepreneurship center, resting upon integrating upstream and downstream industries as well as talent pool on this platform. Environment for the development of the advanced semiconductor industry is growing. It is expected that the platform will give birth to a brand-new strategic emerging industry in Wuhu city and in Anhui Province at large.


    The advanced semiconductor can be widely used in power electronics, microwave electronics and optoelectronics. It is an indispensable device to 5G telecommunications, aerospace, Internet of things, the Internet, new energy vehicles, big data and other industries.


    The industry, described as “pillar of a Great Power,” is of great strategic significance in supporting the development of emerging industries, enhancing the competitiveness of traditional industries, realizing the civil-military integration, and transition of growth drivers.