Wuhu's First VR Maker Space Opens
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    On June 12, Wuhu’s first development forum on virtual reality (VR) industry was held in the Dalongfang Youth Innovation & Entrepreneurship Park. On the same day, Wuhu’s first maker space of VR industry was unveiled. Currently, 20 maker teams and 65 individuals settled in the maker space that is now a VR entrepreneurial community in Wuhu.


    VR technology is considered to be a threshold to technology platform and Internet in the next generation. It is an important force that leads the world in a new round of industrial innovation and is a new point for economic growth. At present, it has been fully applied in industry, military science, medical service, aerospace, education and entertainment, which will vitalize trillions of yuan worth of the VR industry. Wuhu is under way.


    Zhihui Space, jointly invested by Jinghu District Government and Chuangcheng Incubator, is a professional maker space focusing on VR and artificial intelligence (AI). It is taken the mode of “governmental instruction by + incubator operation + supporting industrial investors”. The first phase, covering an area of 1200 square meters, is composed of maker cafe, project road showroom, VR equipment showroom, VR R&D center, VR experience area and VR laboratory.


    The existing enterprises involve VR and AI technologies such as light trap technology research and development, VR film and television, and VR production. Since the operation of the space, it has held a dozen of activities of innovation and entrepreneurship, including VR industry salon, VR enterprise-investor conference, the entrepreneurship workshop, and open courses. Most participants are practitioners related to the industrial chain and college students majoring in VR. A special angel fund of 10 million yuan was set up for the need of the start-ups for angel investment. So far, 4 million yuan has been pooled.


    At the Development Forum on Tuesday, representatives of outstanding project teams were invited to Wuhu from Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, as well as local companies to make speeches. Departments of Jinghu District introduced favorable policies and had interaction with attendees.