WLY CVT 25 Goes Off Production Line in Wuhu

  • Source: AHFAO


    WLY CVT 25, a new generation of continuously variable transmission, went off production line in Wuhu on June 15. This is Chery’s another breakthrough in China’s autonomous high-end transmission field following the independent research and development of CVT technology, which broke the long-term monopoly of foreign companies and filled the gaps in the relevant domestic fields.


    Developed in accordance with international advanced CVT performance standard, CVT25 is characterized by high efficiency, low fuel consumption and low noise. It can simulate nine gears of hand shifting and supports electronic gear shifting. In addition, the function of electronically-controlled start and stop can also be developed.


    CVT 25 is suitable for cars, MPV and SUV, and the maximum output torque can reach 250N · m.


    In terms of the control system, besides the basic sport mode and economic mode, CVT25 has also developed other smart gear shifting modes such as AT mode and adaptive mode that suits the user"s driving habits, which greatly improves the user"s driving experience, and with which, Chery reaches the technology frontier in terms of AI transmission. 


    CVT25 will be firstly used in Arrizo GX, a model developed by Chery. It is expected that the model will be available in the third quarter of this year.