Cowarobot Receives 135 Million Yuan in Funding
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    Recently, Wuhu Cowarobot Co., Ltd, received 135 million yuan in Series B funding. In this round of financing, SB China Venture Capital (SBCVC) and China Creation Ventures were the biggest two investors.


    Cowarobot, a domestic newcompany specializing in unmanned driving, was introduced to Wuhu city in 2016.The company focuses on low-speed unmanned piloting technology in vertical scenarios and has independently developed an complete system of sensing, planning and positioning, including intelligent identification system, decision and planning system, feature-driven global positioning system, and security solutions of  multi-level counter-collision modules.The keymembers of the team are from CMU, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Baidu Group. He Tao, the leader of the team, used to be taught byHirose Shigeowho pioneered in artificial intelligence internationally


    In 2017, the team was honored byAnhui province for its contributions in hi-tech work and was awarded 10 million yuan for the development of the company.


    The company has developed a smart suitcase that can follow its ownerautomatically.The secret isin the pull rod and bottom where small modules are minimized and core technologies are  integrated, such as, radio frequency tracking and positioning technology, laser ranging technology, obstacle avoidance and navigation technology, as well as artificial intelligence technology at strategic level. With these optimal modules, the trunk can automatically follow the owner while getting clear ofobstacles.


    Currently, the smart suitcase is in mass production. The company is developing hand-free baby strollers and other low-speed self-moving products.