6 Destinations in Anhui to Cut Ticket Prices


    Starting on September 28, six 5A-rated scenic areas in East China’s Anhui province will cut ticket prices under local authorities’ instruction on reducing ticket prices of some state-owned tourist attractions, Hefei Daily reported.


    The price of admission to Huangshan Mountain will drop from 230 yuan ($33.5) to 190 yuan. Jiuhua Mountain and Tianzhu Mountain will cut ticket prices from 190 yuan and 150 yuan to 160 yuan and 130 yuan, respectively, the report said, citing information from the provincial price bureau.


    In addition, the ticket prices of Tiantangzhai, Bali River and Wanfo Lake will fall to 100 yuan, 90 yuan and 65 yuan, respectively.


    As of December 31, 2017, 11 tourist destinations were rated as 5A, 188 ones as 4A, 241 ones as 3A, 132 ones as 2A, and 2 ones as A. 159 out of those 574 attractions saw their ticket prices set or guided by the government.


    Since March, the bureau has been cutting ticket prices of some major state-owned scenic areas.


    Meanwhile, ticket prices of province-administered 5A spots will be guided but not set by the government, according to the bureau. That means operators will be able to set prices based on market volatility but within a specified range fixed by the government.