Anhui Villages among China's Top 100
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    China will celebrate its first Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival on September 23, or the autumn equinox on the Chinese lunar calendar.


    Before the festival, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs released four lists of 100 characteristic villages, 100 types of rural food, 100 rural cultural activities and 100 agricultural brands.


    Four villages in Anhui province were listed among the 100 characteristic villages. They are Xiaogang village, Fengyang County, Chuzhou city, Beitao village, Wuhu County, Wuhu city, Dazhou village, Qiaocheng district, Bozhou city and Liangli village, Dangshan County, Suzhou city.


    Among the 100 types of rural food are fermented mandarin fish, crawfish and Huainan beef soup.


    Dragon dances in celebration of harvest in Hongxin village, Shexian county, 100-family banquets in Lingyang town, Qingyang County and the grape festival in Dawei town, Hefei city were included among the 100 rural cultural activities.


    In addition, five local brands - Dangshan Pearls, Huoshan Dendrobe, Chuzhou Chrysanthemum, Lu’an Guapian Tea and Huangshan Maofeng Tea - made the 100 agricultural product brands list.