Wuhu Pioneers Nationwide In Light Rail Track Beam Technology
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    The construction of Wuhu Rail Transit Line 1 and Line 2 is in full swing. The company responsible for the rail construction is China Railway Group Limited also known as CREC.


    In simple terms, the so-called track beam is the road for rail vehicles. After the tracks are installed and assembled, cars can run on them.


    Wuhu rail transit project adopts a straddle-beam monorail. On the base of traditionally bridge supporting structure, the contractor innovated and applied a "continuous rigid frame" bridge system for the construction, with the longest span of 30 meters, which is the first case in China.


    The straddle monorail features quiet vehicle operation,, steep grades, small curve, high speed, low land intake, effective cost and low environmental impact. Chongqing is taking a pilot project to test the technology.


    The CRH rail is made of steel, while the rail in Wuhu is concrete. This requires higher standards, especially on the making of curved track beams. Compared with straight beams, the curved ones should be conformed to flatness on the top and the smoothness on both sides. Moreover, the centrifugal force control at turning point and other various factors should also be taken into account. Practically, every requirement needs special technical support.


    The CREC has specially developed a kind of fully intelligent NC three-dimensional adjustable template in collaboration with several units. This kind of template is the first in China. It can not only meet the precision requirement to control the tolerance within 1 mm, but can also enhance the work efficiency by 7 to 8 times.


    The enhancement of the precision can greatly improve the safety and ride comfort in operation.


    Wuhu Rail Transit Line 1, a length of 30,460 meters, is a north-south trunk line. The first phase of the Line 2, a length of 15,796 meters, connects eastern and western areas of the city.


    The first Pre-stressed Concrete track beam for Wuhu Light Rail project rolled off the assembly line in November 2017. Revenue service begins in 2020.