Route of One-day Red Tour (Historical sites of Chinese Revolutions)

    Memorial Garden---- Art Gallery of Celebrities in Anhui----Grave of the Martyr Dai Anlai----First Boat in the Battle Crossing the Changjiang River in the People’s Liberation War


    Tour Route of New Sites in Wuhu

    Route A:

    Site of Former Customs----Catholic Church---- Zhongjiang Pagoda----Flood Wall---- Pedestrianized Shopping Street----Chimu Pavilion----Jiuzi Square----Guangji Temple---- Factory of Crafts and Arts---- Olympic Park


    Route B:

    Jiuzi Square----Pedestrianized Shopping Street----Guangji Temple----Tianmen Mountain----Economic Development Zone----- Zhujiaqiao Wharf for Foreign Trade


    Route C:

    1. Pedestrianized Shopping Stree---- Jiuzi Square---- Olympic Park---- Maren Mountain---- Cave in Sun Village----Tea Market in Erqiao

    2. Pedestrianized Shopping Stree---- Jiuzi Square---- Olympic Park---- Lotus Charm in Taoxin Town----Laoliang Viilage----Peace Ecological Park

    3. TIngtang Park---- Zheshan Park----Guangji Temple----Jiuzai Square----Pedestrianized Shopping Street----Riverside Park

    4. Fantawild Adventure (09:00-17:00)