Mt. Jiuhua, a branch range of Huangshan and within the boundaries of Qingyang County in the south of Anhui Province, stretches over an area of 120 square kilometers.

    It has 99 peaks among which Tiantai (Heavenly Platform), Lianhua (Lotus Flower), Tianzhu (Heavenly Column) and Shiwang (Ten Kings) are included in the nine steepest ones. The main peak, Shiwang Peak, towers 1,342 meters (4,398 ft.) above sea level.

    Mt. Jiuhua--Mount Jiuzi in ancient time, is one of the four most well known Buddhist mountains in China. With a reputed name of "Lotus Flower Buddhist Kingdom", Mt. Jiuhua is famed home and abroad for its rich Buddhist culture and gorgeous natural landscape.


    According to ancient books, in the Emperor Tai Zu"s seventh year in the Tang Dynasty (A. D 719), a royal kinsman of Sin Lo (present Kyongju, R.O.Korea) named Jim Chiau Jue who became a monastic under the name of Earth Store Bodhisattva (known as Ti Tsang or Di Zang) crossed the ocean to China.